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What others are saying about TIDE


"TIDE keeps our physical store and inventory in sync with our Click and Collect service so we only sell what is in stock and can be picked up."

Yinka. A.


"Keeping our data warehouse up-to-date would be impossible without TIDE."

Tim P.


“Automatic updating customers in AgileCRM, and updating finances in Xero saves us over a day per week. It means we respond to customers quicker.”

Paul. A.


Purchase Orders

Operate efficiently. Keep finance up-to-date with inventory levels and stock movements.

Customer Updates

Automate your Single Customer View. Update you CRM in real-time from all channels.

Product Updates

Remove duplication. Manage products in one place and TIDE will synchronise them to your other systems.

Inventory Management

Balance stock with real-time demand. See sales data across all channels for optimal stock management.

Sales Transactions

Maximise profitability. Update finance in real-time with all sales data. Manage cash flow and prices better.

Other Processes

Generate 360 degree views. Automate other processes, like Stock Counts, across all of your locations.

TIDE - The Retail Integration Platform
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