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TIDE is an integration platform that keeps cloud-based systems in sync with each other by sharing customer and transaction data across the organisation in real-time.

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  Integrating Cloud Systems


Innovation, transformation and growth demand that businesses operate smarter and capture more customers for less. Better management of customers and transaction data is key to achieving these goals.

How do you achieve this when customer and transaction data is captured, updated and managed in multiple cloud-based systems?

TIDE is a cloud platform that solves the problem of customer and transaction data “fragmentation” by listening to your platforms and by constantly synchronising updates and change data between them.

Synchronising your data like this also allows you to automatically keep your CRM and Finance systems up-to-date with all of this change, in real-time.


tide-bullet  Smarter Operations

Retail businesses need to manage and produce the right products, maintain the optimum stock levels, recognise what customers want to buy, attract more customers to their offerings, get better returns on their marketing spend and keep on top of their cash flow.

Achieving this requires businesses to spend disproportionate amounts of their valuable time gathering data from across the organisation and trying to piece it together.

Imagine how efficient your business would be if your ePoS and eCommerce systems updated your Inventory and Finance systems in real-time?

TIDE enables this automatic synchronisation.

  Single View of the Customer


Understanding who your customers are is fundamental to survival, innovation and growth. Building this picture, when separate channels each hold their own set of customer data, is challenging and often gets abandoned due to the difficult manual data manipulation that is required.

TIDE  listens to the interactions you have with your customers, across a range of systems automatically combining these into a central CRM. This ensures an up-to-date, complete and consistent view of all of your customers.

Using this Single Customer View, maintained by TIDE, can be invaluable for Omnichannel marketing and product/service development.

TIDE supports Enterprise and Open Source CRMs.


  Integrated Finance


The Finance department and the Finance Director need to know what is happening within the business on ongoing basis. Business Managers require ongoing financial reports that enable them to make better decisions. This is as true of a 10-person business as it is of a 10,000-person business.

As TIDE is listening to customer transactions across all of your channels, it is able to synchronise the changing transaction, stock, cash and credit data, in real time, with your Finance system.

This gives the business, the CEO and Managers access to timely, integrated and consistent reports based on a complete view of all channels.

  Automated Reporting


Each business is different, and most businesses have their own set of metrics by which they measure their performance. Sales, profit, cash flow and customer retention are quite often the four most important.

Collating this data on a regular basis can often be a time-consuming and laborious process involving emails, spreadsheet attachments and manual errors.

TIDE can deliver specific data, to key people or systems at defined intervals because it constantly is listening to this data across a range of organisational systems.


  TIDE Dashboard


Dashboards, dashboards everywhere! How many dashboards does your organisation have? None? One? Ten?

Because TIDE is connected to your ePoS, eCommerce and inventory system, it collates this information into a single holistic dashboard that shows the activity of the business in real-time.

Having this information easily accessible to any chosen department allows them to spot positive trends or issues early, so they can investigate and take action.

Easy to set up

TIDE has an array of connectors to third party systems and we can have you up and running in no time.

100% uptime

Hosted on our fully resilient cloud, TIDE runs silently and efficiently with no impact on your systems.

Big Impact

Imagine 3, 5 or more important systems all keeping each other in sync according to your business rules?

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